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Co-founder & Principal
Serie Architects, United Kingdom
  • Design Architect

Serie Architects is a London-based international practise specialising in architecture, urban design, and research. Their work is well known for its spatial intelligence, formal elegance, and contextual engagement. They have a strong reputation for designing distinctive and memorable buildings all over the world, including Carrick House in London, One Pearl Ban, and Oasis Terraces in Singapore, and the Sun Tower in Ho Chi Minh.
Founder & Creative Director
  • Interior Designer

The Singapore-based design studio UPSTRS_, often shifts and diversifies its creative output between the interstices of spatial design, furniture design, graphics, and art. The studio has received regional and international recognition for its innovative, narrative-driven design approach and impeccable execution under the direction of Dennis Cheok.
Design Director & Partner
PIA Company LTD
  • Landscape Architect

Based in Thailand, PIA is led by Vachirapong Danny Arthayukti (Design Director & Partner) and its team of professionals alongside renowned Senior Design Partners, each of whom has more than 20 years of design experience. Locally and globally, PIA has a history of successfully having completed noteworthy projects across Architecture, Hotels, Private Residences, Retail spaces, and more.
Liti Design Company
  • Advisory Consultant

Liti Design, founded in Malaysia by CS Tan, is a creative consultancy with team members from Sweden and France. Together with Thomas Pettersson, who held various positions within IKEA worldwide, the duo has worked for a leading Scandinavian Home Furnishing company for more than 30 years, where they were responsible for establishing and introducing Scandinavian living, home furnishing, and culture in more than 15 countries.