Welcome to NOÖRA.

Welcome home

to a place where you belong.

Wake up to your cosy haven and greet the day with the people you love.
A good, simple life, and the most beautiful life of all.

More comfort.

More "hygge".

The Residential Lobby welcomes you with its warm and inviting minimalism and spaciousness. Feel relaxed and at ease in the lounge area, a sensory treat each time you return home.

Walk. Run.

Dance. Play.

Healthy, enriching activities help to keep the mind active. Stay physically fit and mentally active through wellness activities at our Residential Gym or Floating Yoga Deck that are both fun and recharging, centred at your well-being.

Unwind &


Enjoy screen-free, fun moments spent with family and friends in our Entertainment Room, or get your heart rate up and sweat it out at our Multi-Sport Recreation Court. Create memories as a group through exciting leisure activities.

It's time for a little


Relax in your peaceful haven, where family time is everything. Lounge by the pool or go for a swim while basking in a natural green setting that complements your urban lifestyle.

Made for

gatherings & celebrations.

Benefit from an active lifestyle where life is celebrated no matter the occasion. Capture moments that you want to remember across a myriad of lifestyle amenities within the development.

Live a joyful,

fulfilling life.

Noöra is the epitome of living made simple, with a focus on balance and wellness for happier, healthier life.

Be present.

Live a little more.

Live at the peak and explore life at the lookout pavilion amidst the lush green gardens under the glistening stars at night.

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Noöra construction progress
as at July 2024